The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside

Are you passionate about your community and want to actively participate in charitable events helping your beloved community? Would you like to achieve this as part of a group of people rather than by yourself? Do you want to make friends and a difference at the same time?


Who you are

You live or work in the Corringham/Thameside area of Essex and love the spirit of this vibrant community. You are happy with your professional and personal life. Overall, you are living a fulfilled life, but something is missing. Because you are passionate about your community, you believe it is time to give something back to people less fortunate than you are. You see the need to support others, without being a servant, but a valuable member of the community. At the same time, you want to find new friends and combine your charitable work with fun.


But where to start?

At the moment you haven’t found your ideal way to make this happen. There are many charities out there that seem interesting to you, but none of them fulfils all your needs. You don’t want to focus on just one aspect. You like diversity and you want to get actively involved, have a voice and bring in your own ideas on how to make a difference in your community. The sheer mass of available charities seems overwhelming and it is difficult for you to decide which path might be the choice.


When joining the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside……

Your will find a charity that offers the diversity you are looking for, where you can have your say and meet good people who you can call your friends. Charitable work does not have to be boring and monotonous. With Rotary, you are part of a great organisation, which is just as passionate about your community as you are. You become part of something bigger, where you get all the support you need and can voice your ideas without prejudice.


Make friends and make a difference!


The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside might be exactly what you are looking for. A small, passionate group of people determined to make a difference in people’s lives.


The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside

  • The Rotary Club of Corringham ThamesideSupports the community with fishing days for disadvantaged kids, food collection for the local Salvation Army, choir competitions for local schools, and much more…
  • Supports global causes like Polio Plus, Jaipur Limbs, Tsunami Appeal, Kashmir Earthquake Appeal, Orphanages in Romania, Romanian Flood Appeal, Rotary Hooghly Eye Hospital, Oxfam, Gurkha Welfare Trust and Shelter boxes.


You want to have a voice?

All of our members can bring in his/her ideas and you won’t be met with prejudices. Every club benefits of its members and their ideas. The more the merrier!


You want to get involved?

Our Rotary Club takes part in a variety of activities, from organizing competitions for bands or holding quizzes – you can take part in every single one of them without obligation. We know that nobody can participate in everything. You are free to help in any way you can and every little gesture is appreciated by the other members.


You want to make friends?

Friendship is an essential part of the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside. Only by having a great friendship amongst the members, we are able to make a difference in our community. It doesn’t stop with our weekly meetings at the Springhouse Club every Thursday evening, we also meet outside our club and support each other. Playing golf, going to concerts or giving support to the families in times of grief are just a few things we do with or for each other.


Is the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside a boys club?

The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside introduced his first Lady Member

Our first Lady Member – Ann Nash

You might have heard that the Rotary Club is a men’s club. At the Rotary Club Corringham Thameside and other Rotary Clubs Ladies are most welcome. Gender shouldn’t be in the way of great ideas and passion.

If you believe that Rotary can fulfil your passion for making a difference in our community, just contact us. You can come along as a guest for a few times to see what Rotary and especially the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside is all about.

Having a good meal with friends and at the same time being part of an extraordinary charity is only a call or a mouse click away…..then you too can…..


 Make friends and make a difference…


We know that there are some misconceptions about Rotary, so to hear what ‘ordinary’ members of Rotary clubs have to say about this extraordinary organisation and what being part of it means to them, please click the video below:

Why Rotary? from RIBI