RotariansAttracting new members is vital to a Rotary club’s long-term success, and so the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside is putting a great deal of emphasis on expanding its membership with enthusiastic and service-minded individuals.

Since lawyer Paul P. Harris has founded the Rotary Club in 1905, the club has constantly evolved in order not to lose its appeal in our ever-changing world.

In the founding days, prospective members must have actively held, or be retired from, a professional, proprietary, executive or managerial position. Even today, this still leads to misperceptions about the club.

Over the years, more than a century to be precise, Rotary has evolved into a multicultural club with members of all walks of life and open to both genders. The times of being a club only for businessmen are well and truly over. Still, one of the five pillars of Rotary is the professional service, where Rotarian help each other to become more successful in their professions.

The Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside poses no exception. When you are looking to join us, you will meet men and women, young and old as well as entrepreneurs and employed people. Some of us were even born outside the UK.

But what are the benefits for you, the prospect member, who is interested in membership?

Becoming a member of Corringham Thameside Rotary Club is one of the most worthwhile investments in time and energy you will ever make. Joining Rotary gives you the opportunity to give and receive more back than you can ever imagine and you give as much or as little that fits in with your personal or professional commitments.

Membership offers a number of benefits including:

  • Effecting change in the community
  • Gaining an understanding of, and having an impact on international humanitarian issues
  • Developing relationships with community and business leaders
  • Opportunity for networking
  • Being a part of a big organization
  • Make friends an make a difference
  • Being part of rewarding and fun events
  • Learning about our community from speakers
  • Developing your leadership skills by taking an office and holding talks yourself
  • Making your own ideas happen

But as everything else in life, it’s not just about receiving. We have some expectations from you:

  • The time you will give is voluntary
  • You will need to pay a membership fee and the meals need to be covered by yourself
  • Enthusiasm is a must and so is a smile 🙂

Being a modern and vibrant club, we do however understand the challenges and commitments you are facing in your everyday life.

Therefore, a new chapter has opened for the Rotary Club of Corringham Thameside. Since 2015 we are offering 2 types of membership:

If you have got what it takes to make friends and a difference, please don’t hesitate to contact us.